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Travel Infomation

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Dubbed as the shopping paradise of Thailand

Bangkok - is the capital Thailand. It's loved and has so much to offer along the lines of history, culture, traditions and architectural beauty. Your time in the city will be exciting and full of adventure as you visit temples, food vendors and shopping markets. Many people love visiting Bangkok because it can be relaxing even if you are continuously exploring the city and the sites. And of course, kids love Bangkok too!

As we have quite a few suggestions you can use the menu below to jump to a particular section:

Explore Thailand’s Islands on a Boat

If you have the pleasure of visiting the islands in the south of Thailand, then definitely make sure you go on a boat tour. One of my favourite boat tours was on Ko Phi Phi Island, where I visited various stunning spots and beaches, such as Maya Bay and Mosquito Island, and also got to snorkel with fish.

Experiencing Wild Nightlife

Bangkok is the perfect place for you to hang out and enjoy the evening while capturing some stylish shots with your personal photographer. You can visit a bar in the city, a restaurant by the river or enjoy a river cruise complete with magnificent views.

Visiting The world’s biggest Chinatown

Cultures in Bangkok mix with ease–seen in the blended architecture to the heavy penetration of foreign entertainment and cuisine. Generations of migrants have established thriving communities within the city, but none as large and vibrant as the Chinese settlement-turned-cultural and culinary epicentre, Yaowarat.

Shopping at Thai Markets

There are plenty of shopping markets for you to visit in Bangkok. You can choose from open-air markets, high-end shopping plazas or their authentic floating markets. If you visit one of the floating markets, you will see the merchants rowing their small wooden boats along the water. These boats will be filled with all of the items that they are selling. An amazing place to have an authentic photo shoot session with your Bangkok-based personal photographer.

Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

To see something that is very unique head to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market to the west of Bangkok. Here you can go on a boat along the narrow canals and will have the opportunity to buy items from floating boats nearby, or from the shops that line the side. Many hotels and hostels will be able to offer tours or advise on the best way to book a trip.

You can experience traveling in a Tuk Tuk

On dry land, your method of transport has to be a Tuk Tuk (a three-wheeled taxi). They look bizarre. In fact, they are bizarre. But the experience of riding in one is not to be missed. Just hold on to your valuables! It’s a hairy experience, zipping in and out of the dense traffic.

It is a city that has so much to offer, from astoundingly beautiful temples and exciting historical sites, to world famous food and exotic wildlife.

Regardless of what you enjoy and your reason for visiting, Bangkok has something for you. And if you are looking for places to go on holiday, it’s definitely worth going to see what all the fuss is about…