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If you change your mind about something, please contact us as soon as possible at, and we will try to help you out. Always refer to your order number when contacting us.

You can check-in online before arriving at the airport. Online Check-in is available from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure.

You can bring maximum weight allowances of 20 kilograms for adult and child / 10 kilograms for infant with Economy Class

Please email to at least 3 days prior to your departure date.

Skateboards are not allowed in the passenger cabins, but will be accepted as checked baggage.

You should contact us through email within 48 hours before departure time and we will contact you.

  • Fishing Equipment is included in the allowance.
  • Maximum length: 109 inch (277 cm) for Airbus and 170 cm for ATR
  • A set includes one fishing tackle box, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots, 2 reels and 2 rods packed suitably.

For checked baggage: 

- Economy Class : Maximum weight allowance is 20 kilograms for adult and child / 10 kilograms for infant. 

- Premium Economy : Maximum weight allowance is 30 kilograms for adult and child / 10 kilograms for infant.

- Blue Ribbon Class (Business Class) : Maximum weight allowance is 40 kilograms for adult and child / 10 kilograms for infant. 

For hand baggage: 

Each passenger is allowed for 5kg hand baggage applies to all type of tickets.

  It ‘s listed as below:

- International to Domestic 3.30 hours

- Domestic to International 3.30 hours

- International to International 2.30 hours 

- Domestic to Domestic 2.30 hours

You can contact us through email within 48 hours before departure to reserve the seat

You can fly with healthy infants from a few days after birth. However, it must be noted that there is an increased tendency to thrombosis in postpartum mothers. Please contact your treating doctor.

Yes, you need to pay for your infant and the ticket price is 25% of adult ticket price.

You can book a maximum 06 seats in one transaction

Our price is inclusive of Fares, Taxes, Fees & Charges and it's the final price. 

Fares: the cost for transportation from Airport to Airport by air plane. 

axes, Fees & Charges: Applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed by government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, or by airlines or another Carrier, shall be payable by you.

You can make the payment with the major credit card: Visa, Master Card, Diner's Club, JCB.

All Bangkok Airways’ flights, include domestic and international flights are operated from and to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.